Arrowhead Volunteers Deliver Food Allotments

Sometimes volunteer work can be measured in quantifiable results. Arrowhead RSVP volunteers can point with pride to the direct benefits of their service.

239 Arrowhead RSV volunteers contribute 25,000 hours of service annually to help distribute monthly food allotments to lower-income individuals and families in northeast Minnesota. Volunteers assist 27 food shelves, MAC/NAPS sites, SHARE projects, soup kitchens, and other food distribution programs.

Due to skyrocketing cost-of-living expenses, families, senior citizens, and individuals with lower paying jobs (who previously felt they could manage without assistance) are now seeking help with food costs. 97% of those using food programs indicate that they are healthier because they have access to the services. 99% of recipients indicate that help with food costs means they are better able to meet other basic expenses.

-Arrowhead RSVP