Don and Joyce Jensen's Story

Don Jensen moved to Willmar, MN, from Iowa ten years ago after meeting a special woman, a Senior Companion in Kandiyohi County. Joyce had been a Senior Companion for a number of years and loved what she was doing. She enjoyed spending time with clients and always found something interesting and fun to do together. Joyce convinced Don, by then her special friend, to become a Senior Companion, as well. A couple of years ago, Joyce and Don surprised their colleagues and clients by flying to Las Vegas where they were married in the Little White Wedding chapel.

Joyce and Don often volunteer together, assisting homebound couples when both are clients. Sometimes they drive separately and each takes the husband or wife, respectively, on an outing of their choice. Other times, they visit the couple together and play cards, or go out for a ride, coffee or to the Senior Center.

Don had a serious car accident Memorial Day weekend 2009. He was hospitalized in St. Cloud hospital and endured a number of painful complications. Don’s client, Aldean, cried when he heard of the accident and did not want to work with another volunteer. Against all odds, he was "waiting for Don to come back."

Don spent weeks in the hospital, followed by more weeks in the nursing home. He moved quite slowly at first but didn’t give up. Thanks to persistence, patience and a postive attitude, Don is now visiting Aldean weekly again.

-Don Jensen