Finding Your Passion

Foster Grandparent Donna Benson has a special place in her heart for children and for sewing. This year at the school she served each week, she shared her sewing skills with her pre-K class and they made a quilt together which they completed in May. They auctioned it off and got $180.00 to use in the classroom for special supplies and needs not allocated for in the budget.

Many foster grandparents take the summer off and return in the fall, but Grandma Donna decided to continuing working with kids on their sewing. She approached a local sewing machine company and negotiated a deal where they sold a few quality sewing machines Fun & Friends (site 160) program. Grandma Donna will use those machines to teach more kids basic sewing skills this summer!

What an amazing example of using your passion in the classroom to work with kids, built up their skills and self-confidence and have fun doing it! Way to go Grandma Donna!

-Ann Terlizzi