Companionship without boundaries

At a time when some people in the world choose fear and ignorance as their guiding principles on how to interact with others, Dan and Francis have chosen friendship and a listening ear to guide them.

Each week Francis and Dan spent a few hours on Mondays catching up on the week, venting frustrations and supporting each other in their lives journeys. Francis grew up in MN, served in the military and worked hard as a mechanic. He and his beloved wife Ethel raised 2 boys in their south Minneapolis home that they built themselves and that Francis still lives in. Dan grew up on the other side of the world in Ethiopia and moved to the United States in 1993. He worked as a computer technician, businessman and volunteer. Dan is very proud of his 5 children who are all American citizens as well. He became a Senior Companion with Lutheran Social Service as a way to stay active, meet new friends and give back to his community.
Dan is thankful for his friendship with Francis and says that Francis has taught him ‘what love really means. I wish I had known this person years before to see firsthand how they support each other. He is very devoted to his wife, even now that she is in the care center and he has to find a way to visit each day.’

Francis and Ethel’s goal is to move to an apartment where they can be together and still get Ethel the care she needs. Thanks to Dan’s visits and listening ear, they are getting connected to resources that will help them reach their goal.

“I took a vow, to death do us part and I want to keep that vow…she’s my heart and soul.”

-Ann Terlizzi