Arlene's Story

Arlene lives in an assisted living facility and has been treated for hypertension, schizophrenia, and weight issues. Her doctor and social worker decided to refer her to the Senior Companion Program.

Arlene was reclusive and afraid to leave the confines of her room, even to attend medical appointments. It took time to build trust with her the Senior Companion, and the results have been amazing. Her companion now takes her to medical appointments (even sitting in on the visits) and attends activities with her. Arlene leaves the facility with her companion to visit a friend in a nursing home and to shop for personal items.

Based on reports from her Senior Companion, Arlene has become a more trusting and happy individual. Her face lights up when her companion comes to visit, and she proudly tells the other residents “This is Edie--MY friend”!