Sue Stine Shines

Sue Stine is a Senior Companion volunteer in Todd County. Besides seeing clients herself, Sue helps recruit, orients new volunteers and has helped place volunteers with client referrals. Sue says she volunteers for self-fulfillment and to ‘learn how to be a successful elderly person.’ She listens to her Senior Companion clients who tell her about their life experiences and she learns from them.

Sue and her husband Mike moved to Todd County from the metro area after retirement so they call Todd County their ‘adopted home.’ By serving as a volunteer Sue said she is learning the history and geography of the area more quickly than if she did not volunteer. She enjoys her ‘friends’ that she is matched with and she enjoys seeing them each week. She shares laughs and adventures with them and says that it invigorates her.

Sue and her husband both served in the Peace Corps from September 1965 to December 1967 as Kenya. Sue is a great example of the generation of volunteers who have volunteered most of their life, learning new skills and lessons for each phase of life. Senior Corps is related to Peace Corps; only volunteers can serve in their own back yard to make a difference!

-Ann Terlizzi