Morning Out Respite

For the last eight years, the Morning Out segment of our Respite Program adequately served the needs of Jerry, caregiver to his dad. His father (Jerry, Sr.) attends “Card Club” every week without fail, and has become very reliant on this once-per-week outing. He has taken great pleasure in beating everyone at cards over the years, even though he can barely balance on his own two feet anymore. He has struggled with a number of health conditions, not the least of which is very significant depression, and he grew to be very isolated. As his illnesses progressed, we also implemented in-home respite so that Jerry could be relieved of his duties twice per week. This was important to him because he lives some 20 miles away from his dad but always checked in on him daily, taking care of all the necessities such as grocery shopping and doctor’s appointments.
About eight months ago, Jerry’s sister, who has lived with the challenges of a developmental disability, also developed a chronic health condition. Jerry soon found that his caregiver responsibilities had doubled. He called to ask if his sister also could attend Morning Out.
As Jerry, Sr. has not driven in quite some time, and his daughter Carole never did drive, they rarely saw each other in these last many years. It took a colossal effort on Jerry, Jr’s part to make any visits between father and daughter work out, so they seldom took place. You can only imagine what a happy day it was for both Carole and her dad the first time she walked in to Morning Out and saw him. Now, in addition to Jerry, Jr. getting a regular break from both family responsibilities on the same day and at the same time each week, Jerry, Sr. and Carole - father and daughter - get to see one another regularly again.

-Ann Terlizzi