Arrowhead Volunteers Deliver Meals

Arrowhead RSVP volunteers are at the frontline of serving homebound clients. Their service translates into direct benefits for clients AND into public cost savings.

Annually, 207 RSVP volunteers provide more than 8,700 service hours to deliver meals to 1,465 homebound clients in 23 communities throughout the Arrowhead Region of northeast Minnesota. During the last six months of 2009 alone, volunteers delivered 92,332 meals (averaging 733/day).

A survey of meal participants indicated 98 percent believe meal delivery helps them to be healthier and remain living at home. Considering that each frail elderly person who continues living at home saves local government $43,997 annually in nursing home placement costs, 1,436 clients represents $63.2 million in potential savings!

-Arrowhead RSVP Volunteers