Volunteer Stories

  • RSVP Volunteer Provides ‘Invaluable’ Service to Local Women’s and Children’s Shelter

    Greater St. Cloud Area RSVP volunteer, Rick Nelson, serves his time at the local women's and children's shelter. He explains the emotional and physical benefits HE receives as a result of helping others.Read Full Story.

  • RSVP Volunteers Deliver Meals and Friendships

    Currently in Minnesota, there are 12,165 seniors who receive Meals on Wheels. But you may wonder, "how do the meals get to seniors in our coRead Full Story.

  • RSVP Volunteer Builds Time Capsule for Community Celebration

    Read about how Greater St. Cloud Area RSVP volunteer, Steve Flynn, volunteered his time and talents to create a unique project for the United Way of Central Minnesota. This is a project which will leave a legacy and be remembered for years to come!Read Full Story.

  • Making an Impact

    Teacher knows impact of Foster Grandparent on the academics of her student and hopes the program will always be in her district and that Grandma Connie is in her classroom.Read Full Story.

  • RSVP Volunteer, “Doug the Science Dude”, Shares His Passion for Science with Local Students

    Greater St. Cloud Area RSVP volunteer, Doug, brings fun to science lessons in local elementary schools!Read Full Story.

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