RSVP Program

The RSVP Program provides an opportunity for volunteers to put their skills, talents, and life experiences into motion for others – and benefit our Minnesota communities in the process. Sharing the skills they have spent years developing, RSVP volunteers put those skills into practice to improve the lives of community members throughout the state. Whether building homes for the needy, preparing income tax reports for the elderly, or mentoring a child, RSVP volunteers strengthen our communities.

Benefits include:

  • Transportation reimbursement
  • Ongoing training and recognition
  • Accident and liability insurance while volunteering
  • Possible meal on site

To qualify as a volunteer:

  • You must be 55 years of age or older and in good general health.
  • Be flexible and available with service activity schedule.
  • Have dependable transportation available and be willing to travel in the service area.
  • Have compassion, patience, flexibility and respect for others.
  • Work well with diverse individuals, families, groups and organizations.

Volunteering From Home is Fun and Effective

RSVP Volunteer Spends Hours Each Week Coordinating Other Volunteers

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Crisis Averted

RSVP Volunteers Respond to Heating Emergency

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